Meet Our Team

Daniel Martney

Executive Chef

Daniel Martney - Executive Chef

Born and raised in the South, Executive Chef Daniel Martney considers himself a native of Virginia and Washington, D.C.. He has an educational background in culinary management and international hospitality, as well as extensive experience working and learning under award-winning and master chefs.

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According to Martney, food is the fabric of life. It is the best way to connect people with each other. Under his direction, Chef Daniel has grown The Mill Kitchen and Bar into a local fixture, an essential part of the community we love. His passion & his philosophy is simple: use local suppliers, small farms and local artisans, to tell a story of love, food, and friends. We invite you to dine on Chef Martney’s unique blend of classic Southern cuisine and global influences. It’s sure to be a fresh, exciting dining experience at The Mill Kitchen and Bar.

Chloe Davey

Front of the House Manager

Chloe Davey - Front of House Manager

Originally from the town of Preston, in the north of England, Chloe Davey began her career at The Mill as a host in 2013, one short year after moving to the United States. From her position as a host, she worked as a server, and then a manager, before being promoted to Front of the House Manager.

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With a diverse educational background in business and sales, as well as language and culture, combined with her experience in fine dining, her passion for people and food, and her knack for marketing and management, Chloe helps make The Mill great every day.

Davey takes pride in the seasonal menus and farm to fork favorites offered by The Mill, but she most enjoys getting to see people fall in love with new foods or discover unique cocktails and local craft beers while making memories with friends and family. Chloe’s favorite dishes include fritters, fried chicken, and s’mores. For drinks? You’ve got to try the Sangria!

Janice Vanderheyden

Bar Manager

Janice Vanderheyden - Bar Manager

While Janice Vanderheyden has called Georgia home for more than sixteen years, as a teenager in Rockville, Indiana, she spent her days working in the kitchen at her father’s bar. There, she began pouring beers and mixing drinks at 21, which sparked two decades pursuing education and experience in the industry.

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Easy-going, highly motivated, and committed to lifelong learning, Janice joined The Mill in 2016 to share her expertise and elevate our guest experience.

Vanderheyden is passionate about mixology, as well as the people she’s met and the relationships she’s built with customers. She’s excited to craft new cocktails, and new friendships, every day. Janice recommends Chef’s Fried Chicken if you’re looking for a great meal, and while she personally leans toward the craft beer selection, her favorite cocktail is the Orange Blossom.Employee of the Month: No Bio needed – I’ll just switch out the photo every month.

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Team Members

Born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in San Francisco, Camden Long grew up in a family-owned restaurant business, where he learned to enjoy the fast pace and congenial atmosphere. As a student at Midwestern State University in Texas, Long fell in love with hospitality through his work as a server.

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Watching guests have a great time and leave happy, knowing that he and his team have contributed to great experiences, these serve as powerful motivators that push him through even the busiest nights. Originally hired at The Mill as a server in 2013, Camden’s passion for outstanding hospitality service has propelled him from server, to bartender, to front of house manager, and most recently, to General Manager. Long loves working with a diverse team of enthusiastic staff committed to excellent service.

Camden looks forward to new seasonal menus like most kids look forward to Christmas. He greatly admires Chef Daniel Marteny’s modern twists to classic southern foods and says the cocktails always put on a smile on his face. His favorite dish is the short rib, a classic at The Mill that reminds him of home; it’s something his grandmother would have cooked. When it comes to drinks, NAME has two recommendations: the Old Old Fashioned and The Tipsy Pig