The Mill

You can learn much about the character of a place by the bourbons it offers its patrons.  The same may be said for the dedication to the quality ingredients in the hand crafted cocktails.  A quick look at the shelves behind the bar and a brief scan of the drink offerings and you’ll promptly get a sense of the establishment’s authenticity.  Hand-crafted cocktails also rely on local and seasonal ingredients, and some chef consultation, too, for an intriguing collection of refreshing beverages.

southern style restaurant in GA

Hand-picked to complement the cuisine, the wine list shows an affinity for small winemakers and producers, and a commitment to domestically produced wines that reduces our ecological footprint.  Whether you’ve come for happy hour or to enjoy a meal, the menu of handcrafted libations, exquisite selections of fine bourbons, thoughtful wine list and the line-up of microbrews will definitely leave you pondering your options.

GA Southern Food Restaurant and Bar

Special event bar options include: Full open bar, limited open bar (specially selected beer, wine and liquors), and cash bar.

Southern Style Food and Drinks in Roswell